What is Professional Writing?

When you hear the term “professional writer,” you may picture someone who spends all of their time slaving over essays and papers. However, if you ask Professional Writing students what they do, they’ll paint a different picture.

Professional Writing students learn how to communicate ideas effectively through all kinds of media formats: videos, websites, brochures, flyers, presentations, instructions, reports… the list goes on and on. It’s not all essays and papers. Professional writers put visuals and texts together in persuasive ways. They solve communication problems.

The term “professional writing” often is used interchangeably with “technical and professional writing,” or “technical and professional communication.” All of these terms describe a dynamic discipline. Professional writers create diverse content for a range of business and technical purposes. They are technical communicators who help people with differing areas of professional expertise to understand one another.

As a Professional Writing major or minor at FMU, you will have opportunities to interact with real clients in the local community. Even before you graduate, you will add actual work experience to your resume. Our program develops valuable skills in workplace communication, project management, technical writing, and digital media.

For more information on becoming a Professional Writing major or minor, contact Dr. Masters (cmasters@fmarion.edu) or browse our program webpage.

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