Prezi is a team of people who come together around a set of core values that guide our mission, shape our culture, and define the kind of company we want to be.


We picture

Because visual thinking allows us to be more creative. We use it to understand each other and solve problems more effectively.

We practice the art of visual communication to maximize the power of our ideas, to nurture our curiosity, and to harness the benefits of information shared. We approach important topics with an open canvas, a mindset that leaves room for creativity. We celebrate art and artists, at Prezi and beyond. We offer solutions that bring this value to life for our customers.


We care

Because change only happens when we support the people who expand our horizons, we act and lead by example in our closer and wider communities.

When we notice that we have hard time empathizing with a user or a colleague, we spend time learning to understand them. We donate attention, time, and money to those in need. We help our local communities by organizing events and resources that help them learn and succeed. We recognize the power of action and work to actively reduce the bystander effect.


We team

Because together we are greater than the sum of our parts, we build our team on the foundations of trust and transparency.

We ask of and learn from each other daily, creating a flow of knowledge. We set daring goals and support each other when it's time to stretch. We praise each other in public and, when necessary, give constructive personal feedback in private as soon as possible. We learn from our failures, we welcome feedback, and we don't blame the messenger when it's something tough to hear.